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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Twenty Years of Marginal Revolution

George Mason University professors (and bloggers) Alex Tabarrok, left, and Tyler Cowen, in 2020. (George Mason University marketing photo).

While it's not directly related to this blog, I thought I would note that the Marginal Revolution blog has now celebrated 20 years in operation. Here is an interview (including a transcript) of the site's two bloggers, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok.

When I launched this blog, back in 2010, Marginal Revolution served as a model. For example, Tyler remarked somewhere that for a blog to be successful it must post frequently, at least once a day, and I've always tried to have one post a day, in spite of the fact that this blog has a rather narrow focus. There isn't always breaking news n the world of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea fandom!

And while there isn't a huge overlap what's covered in  Marginal Revolution and what I write about here, there is some. For example, here is a recent post by Alex on why the recent UFO craze in the news media is silly. Tyler often writes about classical music. And while these guys focus on economics, you never know what they will write about. Here is Alex's tribute to the greatness of Sinead O'Connor.  And if you missed my earlier post, here is Tyler on John Higgs' Love and Let Die. 

In the interview referenced above, Tyler mentions that the search box at his blog is an underrated feature because of the huge number of topics that blog has covered. I think that might be true of RAWIllumination, too. This blog has been around since June 2010, and I've covered a lot of RAW-related topics. Sometimes I have searched for information on Google, only to find that the answer to my question is an old blog post from this blog that I've forgotten! 

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