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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

New X (Twitter) list, "RAW Illuminati"

Despite the name, which seems to resemble the name of this blog, the new RAW Illuminati X list was created not by me, but by Bobby Campbell. It has 90 members, and I suspect it is the most comprehensive way to follow news about Robert Anton Wilson and related topics.

There are other similar lists. Cosmic Trigger Network is a Nic Alderton list, Cosmic23 is from Cat Vincent, and there's my own Illuminate, which I haven't updated much lately. I mostly work with my own Calm and Insight list, which has a lot of overlap with Bobby's new list, but which also includes X accounts peculiar to my interests and unrelated to the RAW world, such as a Tyler Cowen X account, and Roman Britain News, as I like to look at old Roman ruins in the UK.

Of course, your mileage may vary, as following these lists means that you likely will spend hours and hours on social media,  not the best use of time for some people. My RAW list is a bare-bones list that follows only four key accounts, but it won't take up much of  your time. 

And also, if you want "news of the RAW fandom world," you can avoid X and simply pay attention to this blog. Of course, there are items of interest that I miss, but I like to think I cover all of the major news, i.e. new books published by Hilaritas Press, new Hilaritas podcasts, updates on Prop Anon's RAW biography, etc. 

1 comment:

Bobby Campbell said...

Oh shoot! I didn't really think about how similar the name of the list is to your blog. I can always change it if it ends up creating unnecessary confusion.

I mainly made it as a replacement for the tweetdeck system I previously used to run the @RAWilson23 account, which unfortunately no longer works.

Ironically, as twitter becomes a place I find increasingly inhospitable, I feel more enthused to broadcast RAW information :)))