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Monday, July 24, 2023

More on Maybe Day

Yesterday, I was still at Confluence in Pittsburgh; for Maybe Day, I posted my announcement of the upcoming Robert Shea ebook (which I forgot to say I am assembling with the permission of Mike Shea, his literary executor), put on my old Boing Boing RAW t-shirt, and spent a third day at the convention. I interviewed Ada Palmer, and I should be posting that interview soon, and also should soon be posting a convention report.  

I'll do a separate blog post Tuesday on the release of Lion of Light, the new Robert Anton Wilson book on Aleister Crowley that has just been released by Hilaritas Press. But here are some other Maybe Day releases you might have missed.

First of all, when I  finally logged back onto Twitter to get an idea of what I had missed, I was surprised and grateful to see that Bobby Campbell had created an artwork, seen above,  to promote my blog! Thank you so much Bobby!

There's a lot of goodies at Bobby's Maybe Day site, please check it out. Don't miss Bobby's piece, "Living in a RAW World," tracing the influence of Discordian ideas. The illustrations Bobby comes up with are great.  I kind of want to "borrow" a bunch of them for this blog. And Bobby, although it's true that the Steve Jackson Games version of the Illuminati conspiracy irritated RAW, Robert Shea apparently was fine with it and even wrote a short piece for one of the editions of the game. 

I will be exploring some of the other Maybe Day material Bobby links to, as time allows.

One of Brian Dean's new images for Maybe Day 2023. Source. 


Eric Wagner said...

I loved "Lion of Light". They put together a terrific book with wonderful supporting essays.

Bobby Campbell said...

Many thanks, Tom!

And please feel free to "borrow" whatever images you'd like :)))

Good point about Shea and Steve Jackson games! I'm on vacation this week, but plan on adding annotations when I get back in the swing of things, and will include that caveat.

Chad said...

Brian Dean’s graphics are always dynamite.

Anonymous said...

Iain Spence said:
Thank you for organising the Maybelouge Bobby. Many interesting topics covered. I took a while to listen to it, just coming to the end. Great stuff.