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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Conspiracy theories that were true

Richard Nixon

On Twitter, Jesse Walker and others on conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.

As there are people who don't have access  to Twitter, here is a summary with links:

Jesse Walker: "People debate whether it's fully proven, but this may be the clearest-cut case of a story that was described as a conspiracy theory when I first encountered it and now has mainstream historians endorsing it:

@ValoisDuBins: "Operation Gladio is about the only one I can think of. It arguably stands as the exception that proves the rule." (Includes stuff RAW wrote about).

Miguel Madeira: "The death of the Portuguese Prime Minister Sá Carneiro have being an assassination? It is not 100% established, but today is ab hypotheses much more accepted in the mainstream than in the last century, where it was considered a conspiracy theory."

Several mentioned the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which included a second "attack" that was not real:

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