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Monday, October 28, 2019

Cat Vincent news update

Ian "Cat" Vincent

Ian "Cat" Vincent reports that his blog has made a comeback and he'll do a magical working on Halloween:

"My next major magical action is HEXIT on Halloween night."

Details at the link, but "On October 31st 2019, the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

"To mark this event, Radio23, in association with the Indelicates and cunning-man Cat Vincent, will broadcast a distributed magical working designed to strike at the spirit of Brexit. This will be completed shortly after 23:00 GMT, the time when Britain is due to leave the UK."

So you can listen if you can't be there.

Main Radio23 site. "The regular programming includes We pilgrim mixes from the Librarian, the Pillock and the Phonomancer - more content to follow. Tech provided by The Walker."

To obtain Mr. Vincent's email newsletter, Caterwauling ("Thoughts on Fortean journalism, magic, religion, High Weirdness, kink, genre media and the oddness of living in a Yorkshire hippy town") sign up here.

To reach him, contact him on Twitter: @catvincent.

1 comment:

Cat Vincent said...

Thanks, gang! I can promise a literally magical evening (and some mild treason).

The core of the working are songs from The Indelicates' remarkable concept album Juniverbrecher You can find that on the usual streaming corporations or buy it direct from them here: