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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Blog news

I've had a policy for several days now of moderating blog comments. This is not because there has been anything wrong with the people who post actual comments -- I have been very lucky at this blog -- but because I had run out of ideas on what to do about the spam that has afflicted the blog posts.  I have done my best to be prompt about approving comments, but please forgive me if I am away for awhile because I'm asleep or because of some other reason.

Confirming that this was probably the least-bad solution to my spam problem, I've rejected a lot of spam comments the last few day, including a lot of Indonesian spam, and a surprising number of messages recruiting new members for the Illuminati. The latter would be more exciting if the messages would be at least literate and plausible. I don't have time to manually remove all of the existing spam, but I'll probably try to chip away at it a little.

I have also tinkered with the site and edited some of the features, i.e. for example the collection of links to Robert Anton Wilson resources is expanded and rearranged a bit. I've tried to make it easier for visitors to find stuff and realize how much is here by now. As ever, suggestions are welcome.

1 comment:

michael said...

Thanks for fixing your Indonesian spam problem, Tom.

I consider RAWIllumination the richest and most dynamic site in the world on RAW and related items, and your daily tireless work is very much appreciated by me...and no doubt very many others who only read and never comment.