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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Val's 'Butterfly Language'

There's a big Internet out there. That's my story for why I haven't noticed the  Butterfly Language blog before. Sorry! But I did mention the author here, managing not to grasp she has a blog.

In the About section, blogger Val D’Orazio  mentions that Cosmic Trigger is one of her favorite books. "It is my intention to structure this blog more or less in the spirit and format of that 1977 book. This means: a bit of biography, a bit of pop-culture analysis…a bit of weirdness…a bit of philosophy, religion, politics, drama, speculation, more weirdness, and so on."

There are sections on books, comics, futurology, music, movies, philosophy,  popular culture, science, robots, technology, television and weirdness.

A recent entry noted that Bill Gates, Marc Cuban and Elon Musk had all warned recently that technology may bring massive unemployment. It's an issue Robert Anton Wilson raised many years ago, and which Charles Murray emphasizes in Murray's advocacy for a basic income.

Hat tip, Adrian Reynolds. I've add Butterfly Language to the Sangha section to make it easy to spot new posts. You can also follow Val on Twitter. 

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