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Sunday, February 26, 2017

New R.U. Sirius music video!

R.U. Sirius (Timothy Leary biographer, co-author of the last Timothy Leary book, author of Transcendence: The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity,) Mondo 2000 founder etc. etc.) has a new music video out! The Management.

Full name of the artist: R.U. Sirius's Trippin' Coyotes/Creosote Cowboy
Ken Goffman aka R.U. Sirius.

Bandcamp streaming audio track and lyrics. 

Song: "Be My Valerie Solaris." (If you’ll be my Valerie Solanis /I will be your Robespierre
/Nothing can come between us /‘cept that thing underneath your hair)

Full album. 

Follow him on Twitter (as I do.)

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fyreflye said...

R U Sirius also has a YouTube channel