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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Part Three of Oz' Crowley/Deleuze series

 Gilles Deleuze

Recording engineer Oz Fritz has posted part three of his series of articles on Aleister Crowley and Gilles Deleuze, "with special guest Robert Anton Wilson." RAW fans will be interested in how Oz applies RAW's teachings. Oz also offers a suggestion on which Crowley book to try first: " If someone only ever wanted to get one book by Crowley, I would recommend that be The Book of Lies.  It contains instruction on the entire system of alchemy presented by Crowley.  It's ideal for anyone who likes puns and riddles and doesn't mind having their beliefs challenged.  No blame if you don't like it because it's all lies anyway."

A couple of good sentences: "For many years, I searched in vain for the philosophical Rosetta stone that would put everything in place so that it all made sense.  Making a grand tour of all the great thinkers of human history seemingly lead nowhere - to a desolate, dry, god-forsaken mental landscape of despair and collapse. I was in mortal agony.  After coming across the intuitive voice of Hoor pa Kraat in the Thelemic material, a voice that is not a voice, rather a silencing of internal chatter, I realized that the source of my mental confusion had stemmed from the classic error of putting Descarte before the Horus. ... "


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