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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jake Shannon on 'Illuminatus!'

Jake Shannon (with his conditioning invention, the Macebell). 

When I read a nonfiction book on a topic I know something about, I often start by looking at the bibliography or the "Further Reading" list.

So when I began reading Strange Attractor, the new book by Jake Shannon (who runs the "Discordian Libertarian" group on Facebook), I turned to the "Recommended" area in the back. The first book listed in the section is Illuminatus! Here's what he wrote:

The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson – If you consider yourself a “libertarian” of some sort but you haven’t yet read The Illuminatus! Trilogy then might I suggest that such a reading might help you internalize the Cosmic Schmuck Principle. Plus there are plenty of dirty sex scenes and none of the boorish Randian logorrhea that plague many other epic libertarian novels.

Strange Attractor  is interesting so far (Shannon was a teen cancer survivor); I'll post a review when I finish the book.


Eric Wagner said...

Well shucks, I thought I posted a comment this morning. Percy Shelley encouraged his wife to have Dr. Frankenstein attend school at Ingolstadt because of his interest in Adam Weishaupt.

Eric Wagner said...

Oops. I posted on the wrong day. At least I got caught up on Illuminatus!