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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maybe the U.S. can't win in the Mideast, but we can't lose, either!

Reality is continuing its bitter feud with satire as the best way to depict U.S. foreign policy.

In an apparent bid to show that reality can overshadow any attempt at satire, the U.S. government has now officially given help to both sides in a bloody civil war that's taking place in Syria and Iraq. Previously, the U.S. sided with Islamists in the attempt to overthrow the evil Assad regime in Syria. We are now cooperating with the Assad junta in an attempt to contain the evil Islamists we previously sided with.

For more information, see Glenn Greenwald's article at the Intercept.

Previously, the president wanted to drop bombs on Assad's soldiers. Now we're dropping bombs on the folks who oppose Assad. I guess as long we can bomb somebody, we're happy. As per usual, only a few Americans — libertarians, pedantic leftists and MYOB conservatives, and other such nut cases — want to simply stay out of the war. These weirdoes are not heavily represented among officials in the Democratic or Republican parties.

Meanwhile, the State Department has scolded Egypt and the United Arab Emirates for "outside interference" in Libya, where "outside interference" by the U.S. and other western nations led to the current civil war the country is embroiled in.

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