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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rock band Tool endorses Cosmic Trigger play

Tool, the American hard rock band, has endorsed the crowd funding drive to make the Cosmic Trigger play happen.

Under "News" at the band's official site, it says, "Whether you've seen the fnords or not, I Siriusly encourage members of the Tool Family to support a new crowd fund campaign for a stage play (and related three-day festival) based on ROBERT ANTON WILSON'S "COSMIC TRIGGER." Celebrate the life, work, and influence of a counterculture icon by contributing HERE .
For additional information about the RAW EVENT, please visit"

Meanwhile,  Adam Gorightly has added his endorsement, and explains one of the reasons why his Historia Discordia book was delayed a few days: "... part of the delay stemmed from the fact that when he reviewed a test copy of the book, he discovered page 123 had been printed twice."


Unknown said...

Gah!! My favourite band ever and my favourite author ever! I'm experiencing much squeamish excitement right now

John said...
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