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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Listening to Daisy, John and Nick

Nick Margerrison (official profile photo)

I did finally get the chance to listen to Nick Margerrison's podcast interview with Daisy Eris Campbell, and the hour-long show (with Daisy taking up much of it) was very interesting. I got a better sense of Daisy's personality, and also managed to get a handle on all of those puzzling references to "rainbow colored knickers," which I couldn't make head or tail of. Nick is a British broadcaster and podcaster; currently, he produces a talk radio show for Jon Gaunt at

Nick's podcasts are available online from the website link referenced above; if you go there, you'll see a link to the iTunes list of his podcasts. This was not particularly convenient for me, as I have an Android phone, but I was also able to find his podcast episodes by searching for "thecultofnick" (one word; searching for "Nick" yielded nothing) on my podcasting app, Podkicker. Some of the episodes seem pretty out there; I haven't tried "How to call down a UFO" yet. But I did listen to episode 030, the interview with John Higgs, which has quite a bit of insightful discussion of Robert Anton Wilson; Nick refers to RAW as a kind of St. Paul of Discordianism. Nick is an avowed Discordian; the episode concludes with a discussion of magick.

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