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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday news roundup

Steve Moore

Steve Moore has died. John Higgs named a moonbase in First Church on the Moon after him; see this interview.  Daily Grail comments.

Pipzi Williams haiku. 

Setting the record straight on Giordano Bruno? John Merritt says (on Twitter), "A much needed screed against a major misconception about Bruno."

Adam Gorightly on the Berkeley Illuminati and Illuminatus! 

New release of Steven 'Fly' Pratt's ebook. 

The Guardian streams Pratt's collaboration with John Sinclair.

Illuminati training video leaked.

1 comment:

Yeroshka said...

A Dishonest "Cosmos" is another a good article on the sensationalism of the Giordano Bruno segment on Cosmos, from a Catholic's perspective. It argues that Bruno was put down for heresy, not his cosmology.

And that Illumicorp video was hilarious. Did anybody else notice that a Golden Apple is enshrined in the Eye of the Pyramid right after the FIVE minute mark? Hail Eris!