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Friday, March 21, 2014

Illuminatus group reading update

I've been putting up links to the "Weekly Posts" page for the Illuminatus! discussion at the top right of this page, and I wanted to point out that I've been trying to include meaty posts from other blogs that contribute to the discussion. So far, that's been Adam Gorightly's Historia Discordia, but if you happen to write something on another blog that contributes to the discussion, and I miss it, please tell me and I'll put up a link.

I've also reorganized the various links and and apps on the right side of the page by  putting up  a new "Illuminatus Resources" area, and again, I'm open to suggestions.

As for Mr. Gorightly, please see his new post on Kerry Thornley and the Illuminati Lady. 


Drew said...

There is a tropes of Illuminatus!

Might lot of tropes for Illuminatus.

Drew said...

The good thing about it as well, is that Illuminatus gave them an idea for a new trope - the bevarian firedrill.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Added. Thank you!