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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Report on the Liverpool 'Cosmic Trigger' event

Ian "Cat" Vincent has penned a report for the Daily Grail on the Feb. 23 "Pulling the Cosmic Trigger" event in Liverpool, featuring Daisy Eris Campbell and John Higgs. This will answer many of questions, such as when Daisy's play is going to open and why a pair of rainbow colored panties ("knickers" to the folks over there) were placed on a bust of Carl Jung.

This Facebook page is offering updates on Daisy's efforts.

A big Flickr photostream of the event is here. The photos are marked "all rights reserved" so I better not copy any here, but go look.

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Illiaminated said...

Interesting that the Jung passage about his Liverpool dream was on page 223 of Jung's autobiography. I've been re-reading Cosmic Trigger the last few days. Last night TV was showing a documentary about Stephen Hawking to which I was paying half hearted attention while texting my girlfriend. At one stage I looked up to see one of the houses Hawking lived in was number 23. It got me thinking about Wilson's own experiences with 23's and wondered if they would come in bunches to me. I looked at my phone and the time was 22:03. "Does it count?", I asked myself. I decided it didn't. Then I noticed that my battery was 23% and I had to laugh. Then I noticed the date: 02/03/2014! I'm in Australia so that's a genuine 23. So that was three 23's in the space of a couple of seconds.

Then as I sit down typing this, a re-run of King of Queens is on the TV and one of the characters yells out "February 23, 2005!"