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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Teenset" interviews Simon Moon!

Editor's Note: Before her recent, fatal accident, Miss Glass was a leading expert on subversive affairs. 

[The following are jpeg images of the infamous article from the March 1969 issue of "Teenset" magazine cited in "Illuminati Project: Memo #5," page 40 of Illuminatus!  Scott from Wisconsin obtained these images for me from Avo, who hosts a site dedicated to information about Frank Zappa. My sincere thanks to both of those folks. -- The Mgt.]



Yeroshka said...

I'm not surprised such a weird article was dug up by a Zappa fan :p

The puppetry images in the article are great. The whole thing was top notch. I just want to point out the "Earwicker, Bloom and Graft" chant. Earwicker is from Finnegans Wake, Bloom from Ulysses. I don't remember seeing "Ewige Blumenkraft" spelled out like that in Illuminatus! It brought a huge smile to my face. Earwicker, Bloom and Graft!

Scott said...

... and Graft is how Daley ran Chicago then and no doubt continues to this day.

As for the Zappa connection, my search was on the title of the magazine and author which kept leading back to Avo's site (apparently in Estonia)who when contacted asked the person that was in possession of the mag for the scans of the pages that we are interested in. The article on Frank from that same issue can be read here:

So a hearty & fnordly thanks to Avo and his friend for kindly providing the scans of the article.

As for my music tastes, they are more in the direction of the Grateful Dead, Beethoven & Miles Davis.

Yeroshka said...

That's a fine taste in music, but surely there's place for Frank in there somewhere! It's a daunting catalogue to start in on, but so is the Dead's. I'm a '68 - '71 fellow myself, when they transition from the heavy feedback-psychedelia into the Americana-folky stuff. Not much funk there, though. Jerry played a mean banjo, it's a shame he didn't pick with the Dead. I'm sure others would disagree, though... after all, the banjo's the butt of many jokes. Bagpipes and kazoos are the butt of more :)

Like the Dead, Zappa composed such a wide variety of music that everybody can find songs to love. He's funny, too. Definitely sowed some discord in his day.

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