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Friday, March 7, 2014

RAW on 'injustice collectors'

Adam Gorightly unearths interesting RAW documents I haven't seen before, a letter to the editor from somebody named Angela Douglas and a reply by Robert Anton Wilson, and also a letter that Wilson sent to friends about the matter. The exchange appeared in "Against the Wall,"  a libertarian zine I am not familiar with.

RAW's answer is particularly interesting to me because he brings up the concept of "injustice collector."

Douglas seems able to find offense where no offense is intended and enemies where there are no enemies. This is typical of what psychiatrists call "injustice collector" syndrome. 

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Unknown said...

"Injustice collector," a useful concept, may have been the one lucid moment in the career of a shrink named Edmund Bergler, the Savonarola of the Freudian creed. He believed that all sex other than monogamous attempted baby making was "neurotic counterfeit-sex" [book title]. He wrote another book insisting that all writer's block is caused by early weaning, and in the second addition added an appendix analyzing all the critics of the book and indicating what mental illnesses kept them from agreeing with him.