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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What to think of Ron Paul?

Libertarians everywhere have to decide what they think of Ron Paul, and as he runs the president yet again, it's dividing opinion perhaps even more than four years ago. (When I say "libertarians" I am using an inclusive definition that includes folks such as Robert Anton Wilson and myself -- not just the "if you don't like Ayn Rand, you can kiss my ass" folks).

I wish Wilson was around to weigh in, but in the meantime, all manner of other folks have interesting things to say. Will Wilkinson, more of a classical liberal than an anarchist, says Paul is an embarrassment to libertarians. Matt Welch offers a qualified defense. I thought leftie Charles Davis was interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I heard of Paul in the late 70s when I was leaving libertarianism, and he didn't slow me down a bit. He's a fetus fan, which to me goes with libertarianism like taking up the butt goes with Catholicism, and generally gung-ho on the right to make lotsa money and less so on what I consider the good parts of libertarianism.