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Friday, September 9, 2011

We add links

I wanted to mention that I have added a couple of links under "Resources" — Quantum Tantra, "hippie physicist" Nick Herbert's blog, and Supergee, from Discordian Pope Guilty I, aka Arthur Hlavaty.

I have tried not to be promiscuous about adding links, but to try to provide a useful directory of RAW resources and writers influenced by RAW. I meant to add Supergee a long time ago; I've linked to it again and again. Here is his memorable tribute to Star Trek, posted today: "Happy 45th anniversary, Star Trek! You gave a generation a vision, and, to be completely egocentric about it, you changed the gender balance of fandom to the point where I could get laid and provided me with gainful employment for years."

Yesterday's Jesse Walker interview had a great quote from Hlavaty that I'd missed.

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