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Thursday, September 22, 2011

More from Ted Hand on RAW

Some recent Tweets from Ted Hand (@t3dy). Hand's Twitter profile says he is "ex-Nova Cop digs Renaissance Magic Alchemy Gnosis+Angels, Discordia/Psychedelia/Pataphysica, SF Fantasy BodyHorror+VGame Theory, Music,Cats,Comedy,Detectives."

R.A.W.'s allegorical use of flames, ambulances, protest tactics as weird models of consciousness change in illuminatus! deserves more study.

R.A.W.'s "The Widow's Son" is one of his most successful experiment. Hilarious+highly readable, original use of "fake" footnotes, thrills...

I'm surprised I haven't seen more studies of R.A.W.'s The Earth Will Shake in the light of Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man."

R.A.W.'s "Masks of the illuminati" has some weird joycean elements but they don't interfere with it being a ripping good suspense novel/trip

The R.A.Wilson nonfiction book I'm most interested in is Coincidance. Long fascinated with the hints/wonder if anybody's decoded his cabala.


michael said...

Does Ted have a blog or website? I musta missed it.

I remember his great posts at the RAW newsgroup (olde media), back when he was Sned The Bold.

Bobby Campbell said...

Re: "The Earth Will Shake" & "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" connection.

I noticed this when I happened to be reading "Earth" at the same time as listening to "Portrait" on tape. I hit the 'hell sermons' of each book on the same day and asked RAW about it:

No writer ever knows consciously all the influences on his work
I did know the influence of Portrait of the Artist
on Earth Will Shake

& two others you didn't mention:
Huckelberry Finn by Twain and
Intruder in the Dust by Faulkner

Replace religious bigotry with racism
and you'll see the Mississippi/Napoli parallels

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

I keep hoping that my Twitter posts will get Michael Johnson, Eric Wagner and Arthur Hlavaty to join the conversation. That would be awesome!

Ted Hand blogs at

Eric Wagner said...

I posted a few comments over there.

Mr. Hand said...

sorry I didn't see your comment earlier Michael -- good to see you! was a blast (met some great heads on the alt.pkd too), although I think you may overestimate the quality of my poor juvenile posts...

here's a blog that links to a bunch of my notes on research into RAW+PKD-inspired religious studies still programmatically undisciplined, but hopefully a little more coherently