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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time to confess!

In the course of doing this blog, I have let slip that I have libertarian leanings, despite my doubts about certain dogmas of the libertarian movement. Well, I have been found out. Despite the many philosophical differences among the different folks who call themselves "libertarians," we're all just a front group for the cabal of Jewish bankers who run the world.

I admit to being disappointed and a little hurt that none of my libertarian friends let me in on any of their cool Rosicrucian secrets or opened up a pipeline of money from any of those Jewish bankers, but that's life, I guess.

You can learn about the secrets of libertarianism and much else besides at Watch Unto Prayer. For example, you can read about how the Merovingian Dynasty is the "Satanic bloodline of the Antichrist," and how that bloodline is connected to those of some of the recent U.S. presidential candidates. This may be one of the best conspiracy sites, ever.


Unknown said...

No need to confess, I've suspected you were part of THEM for quite some time now. I suppose you're aware that the Jews and Libertarians are interwoven with the vast, international Freemasonic conspiracy as well since - according to some pamphlets I've read, published in WWII Germany - the Freemasons are just Jews in disguise.

Anonymous said...

We have ALL PAMPHLETS. Your Jewish scum is time to meat Lord!!! Take back to live....

michael said...

I feel oddly relieved that you have come into the Light, Dear Jackson: embrace your inner International Banker! Revel in the Jewishness you never knew you had! Bask in the amniotic opiate that is your godlessness! Be proud of your Merovingian bloodline, descended from the Fish People from beyond those stars!

Your are One of Us, or to our loyal opposition, the Christers: Them. Them 'r Us. Us vs. Them, but we are the "them," in this case.

If this is unclear, consult the manual that was slipped into a safety deposit box with the code name "Zorro" in an unnumbered account in the Cayman Islands.

But above all, to thine own self be FALSE! And know that it is not only your right, but your duty, to metaphorically stab the others in the back. Those who were only trying to Do Good.

It usually takes some getting used to the idea that now the Vatican is on your side, as are the Rockefellers, the British Royal Family, and Aluminum Bavariati. And the Nine Unknown Men.

Oh and can you get the door on your way out there? The draft is gonna aggravate my asthma. Thanks!