Friday, September 2, 2011

Using music to enter new spaces

The reliably interesting Oz Mix blog has two particularly good entries which should be read in sequence: An entry, inspired by a recent posting on this blog, This Is The Space Age, on entering new spaces, and a sequel, Music spaces, on how music can take us to different places and help us gain new insights. (My lame summaries don't do the blog entries justice; just read them.) Obviously, Robert Anton Wilson used Beethoven the way that Oz Fritz used music from the likes of the Rolling Stones and Eno and Byrne. There's a large overlap between music fanatics and RAW fans, so if you recognize yourself as a music nut these entries are must reads.

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Eric Wagner said...

Mike Gathers and I both went through phases of using the Grateful Dead to enter other realms. I wonder about the subset of RAW fans who also dig the Dead.

- Summoned for Jerry Duty.