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Friday, September 16, 2011

What to name after RAW?

Officials in Pittsburgh are talking about naming a bridge after David McCullough, a writer who has twice nabbed the Pulitzer Prize. (The city already has bridges named after Andy Warhol, Roberto Clemente and Rachel Carson.)

Which prompts today's question: What should be named after Robert Anton Wilson?

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michael said...

The other day I drove a friend from Berkeley to Palo
Alto/Mountain View. We crossed the Bay via the Dumbarton Bridge, not my favorite name. I'm sure ol' Dumbarton was real swell, but a bridge that connects Berkeley to Silicon Valley/Stanford/Google, etc: it oughtta be the Robert Anton Wilson Bridge in Dumbarton's stead.

After you cross the Dumbarton/RAW Bridge, you can connect to the 101, which will take you into Santa Cruz/Capitola, RAW's digs for the last 16 or so years of his life.

I think of that Hacker Dictionary that riffs on how Hofstadter's GEB is the left brain book for hackers, while Illuminatus! is for the hacker's right hemisphere.

Just at thought. I'll have Jerry Brown get on it, pronto. I'll just explain to him in a vast, cool and sympathetic tone why...uhhh....Yea.