Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An exchange on Twitter

Ted Hand: @17beowulf I'm sure there are a ton of closet RAW fans in English departments by now. We need more graduate students interested+brave enough

Ted Hand: @17beowulf It should simply be obvious that RAW was doing something really interesting when he applied Cabala and Semantics to Joycean prose

John Merritt: @t3dy Joyce & Pound's influence on RAW: two dissertations looking for authors. But RAW's too plebeian for snooty English departments.

John Merritt: @t3dy To you and I, yes. To theory addicted English professors, maybe not.

John Merritt: @t3dy The problem is waiting for the oldsters to retire, like the Yeats "expert" I know who won't touch "A Vision" or the G. D. stuff.

Ted Hand: @17beowulf Burroughs and Dick have prepared the way, I suspect. But I understand the pessimism. Might be quitting academic for good myself.

Ted Hand: @17beowulf I guess we need to encourage more students to publish papers addressing theory addict concerns with RAW, easy to do I'm sure

Ted Hand @17beowulf That's ridiculous. To refuse to study something your guy wrote? Golden Dawn is getting plenty of scholarly attention in rel.stud.

Ted Hand: @17beowulf illuminatus! would be perfect for an American Studies course on the 60's, but I like reading it as a critique of Hobbes+Ayn Rand.

Ted Hand: @17beowulf really we need to do linguistics to understand what he's doing when he plays around with post-joycean prose. interdisc. RAWstudy!

John Merritt: @t3d, Perhaps I'm too pessimistic. Detectives and SF were once off limits also. RAW uses tropes from both.

John Merritt: @t3dy Hammett's Continental Op is in Schroedinger's Cat.

Ted Hand: @17beowulf yeah I would love to see a study of Detective story in illuminatus! I like to compare it to Firesign Theatre Giant Rat of Sumatra

Ted Hand: @17beowulf since RAW was in some ways a card-carrying postmodernist, but especially since he misunderstood so much, he should be theory gold

Lots of other RAW observations recently from Ted Hand. I'll reprint some tomorrow.


Royal Academy of Reality 1132 said...

I wrote my master's thesis on "The Influence of Finnegans Wake on Robert Anton Wilson's Masks of the Illuminati" at Cal State San Bernadino. I did have a hard time getting it approved. I went through 23 versions of my thesis proposal.

Oz Fritz said...

You should publish it, Eric. It would be great to read!

Royal Academy of Reality 1132 said...

I have incorporated it into my new book which I plan to finish in 2012.