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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Join the Reich reading session

Devoted Robert Anton Wilson scholar Michael Johnson has organized an effort to read and discuss THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM by Wilhelm Reich. Johnson started this week and plans to average a chapter a week. (The book is on Robert Anton Wilson's "recommended book list" at the official Web site. Wilson explained, "Not the "best" or even my favorites exactly: just the bare minimum of what everybody really needs to chew and digest before they can converse intelligently about the 21st Century.")

Discussion of the Reich book at is here.


michael said...

Yea, well, be skeptical of that Johnson character who goes on and on and on, writes as "rmjon23." I know that guy somewhat, and he's pretty damned ignorant. I'm not saying he's all "bad" or anything. Just: caveat lector, mi amigos!

"Most of what Reich considers a species-wide 'illness,' I think can better be called the natural evolutionary resultant of our temporary condition midway between ape and our future destiny - the free, rational beings we imagine we already are." - Robert Anton Wilson, Wilhelm Reich In Hell, p. 42

I wonder if Johnson has even read that? (If not, he'll pretend he has.)

quackenbush said...

Screw Johnson, the credit for organizing the group goes to Wagner.