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Monday, September 20, 2010

Discussions of ILLUMINATUS!

At the Science Fiction Books site, ILLUMINATUS! sparks a discussion among several readers. I'm with Jennifer Kephart, who says, "It was this book that led me to other works by Wilson, which then led me to read literature on subjects ranging from quantum physics to mass psychology. Wilson in general, and The Illuminatus! Trilogy in particular, are in and of themselves singular methods of expanding one’s mind."

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michael said...

Kephart reminds me of one of the first responses I had to RAW in general after I'd been reading him for a few months: his work had more of a psychedelic effect on me than any other writer I'd read. His books seem isomorphic to hallucinogenic/entheogenic drugs - complete with the possible paranoid overinterpretations that, say, Karl Koch had...