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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Robert Shea on Kindle -- and ILLUMINATUS! too

Via the official Robert Shea web site, maintained by his son Mike Shea, comes the news that many of Shea's novels are available for Kindle from Amazon. (Follow the links from the site.) Note that many of Shea's novels are still available free (for private reading) from the Robert Shea site, under the Creative Commons novel. (I plan to read ALL THINGS ARE LIGHTS soon; I understand it is the Shea solo novel most closely connected to ILLUMINATUS!) And, by the way, I learned via the site that the Kindle version of ILLUMINATUS! is available for only $9.99. (Note that Kindle files can work on a variety of devices, not just the Kindle itself.)

A search for "Robert Anton Wilson" in the Kindle store turns up ILLUMINATUS!, the "Cat" trilogy, MASKS OF THE ILLUMINATI and EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. Why not make the New Falcon books available there, too?

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