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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rocking along with Bob

Although Robert Anton Wilson's published statements on music mostly expressed interest in classical music and jazz, he once collaborated with a punk rock band in Ireland, the Golden Horde, on the band's second recording project. "The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy!" released in 1985, had six songs (or eight, depending on whether one bought the version with cassette bonus tracks), and is usually described as an "album," although to me it seems short enough to qualify as an EP. notes, "Co-credited to Robert Anton Wilson, who supplied both vocals and lyrics. The UK edition entered the UK indie charts on 12 April 1986 and spent four weeks on the charts, peaking at the highly appropriate number 23." The web site describes the band as "Dublin's leading garage/trash punk band."

Songs from the album may be downloaded here.