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Monday, September 6, 2010

"Maybe Logic": The movie

For many people who take the time to read this blog, it will not be news that a documentary about Robert Anton Wilson was released in 2003. It's called "Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson." I finally saw it a few days ago, when I checked it out of the local library. I enjoyed it, and recognized some familiar names in the credits. DVDs of the movie are still available via Amazon, and Netflix offers it for rent. The official site is here.

IMDB links to only two reviews. At Variety, Dennis Harvey wrote: "A crash course in one influential thinker's wide-ranging concepts, "Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson" is neither an ideal introduction nor a particularly skilful piece of filmmaking. Still, docu by Lance Bauscher retains interest through the liveliness of subject's personality and musings -- even if they're captured in what amounts to 82 minutes of talking-head interviews and old lecture footage. Home-format sales are logical outlet." Film Threat's Daniel Wible called it "well worth a look, especially if you’ve never even heard of the guy."

The movie was written and directed by Lance Bauscher. His interesting interview with RAW is here.


Eric Wagner said...

Great interview. I wish Bob had finished writing The Tale of the Tribe. Fly has a new class at Maybe Logic dealing with these issues.

Dr. Johnson has suggested reading Closing Time to understand Bob's concept of the Tale of the Tribe.

michael said...

I read Bauscher's MA thesis a few months ago, comparing Krishnamurti with Wm Blake. After reading this, I could see why Lance would've wanted to do a doc on RAW, and I'm glad he did...

I see many other "crucial" source materials for triangulating RAW's TotT ideas. One ought to have a look at Michael Bernstein's The Tale of the Tribe: Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic too. usw.