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Thursday, September 16, 2010

RAW's recommended reading list

Following up on yesterday's post, here is Robert Anton Wilson's recommended book list, as taken from the Books section of the official Web site. Again, Wilson says, "Not the 'best' or even my favorites, exactly: Just the bare minimum of what everybody needs to chew and digest before they can converse intelligently about the 21st Century. In cases where it is possible, I have linked to free versions on the Internet

3. FINNEGAN'S WAKE, James Joyce.
4. THE CANTOS, Ezra Pound.
5. MACHINE ART, Ezra Pound.
6. SELECTED PROSE, Ezra Pound.
7. HARLOT'S GHOST, Norman Mailer.
8. GO DOWN, MOSES, William Faulkner.
10. THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES, Karl Popper (two volumes).
13. CHAOS AND CYBERCULTURE, Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
14. CRITICAL PATH, R. Buckminster Fuller.
16. DIGITAL McLUHAN, Paul Levinson.
17. SAHARASIA, James DeMeo, Ph.D.
18. SCIENCE AND SANITY, Alfred Korzybski.

See also Eric Wagner's chapter, "Appendix Resh, Brain Books," in his AN INSIDER'S GUIDE TO ROBERT ANTON WILSON.


Anonymous said...

Someone ought to write a book about alphabetic vs. holistic thinking that is not "alphabet = male = violence, goddess = female = feeling." Shlain certainly didn't.

Eric Wagner said...

Write it!

I enjoyed Shlain's book, although I didn't like the anti-Confucian comments. I had the same problem with The Tao of Pooh.

(I finally rode on the Winnie-the-Pooh ride at Disneyland. I found it surprisingly psychedelic.)

Edgar Garcia said...

supergee, I recommend Walter Mignolo's book, The Darker Side of the Renaissance or his two chapters in the anthology Writing Without Words. That collection as a whole, though, is quite good. The context of these works is the colonization of the Americas, distinctly different from Shlain's.

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