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Saturday, September 18, 2010

More RAW material from The Realist

"Bandito" (aka Mike Gathers) has been working hard to make more Robert Anton Wilson material, via the pages of The Realist (see this and this), and he has just published an update at

Here's the latest, from a posting at a couple of days ago:

"The Anatomy of Schlock" by A Nonymous Hack
This article was published the in _The Best of The Realist_ by RAW
without the pseudonym.

Also: a longer version of the Ellis interview by Wilson & Krassner:
From Ethan, the one who maintains The Realist Archive:
"JUMPING IMMEDIATELY to the rare RAW item: We're aware of the good
Robert Anton Wilson community interest in this archive. So here, for
you, is a complete scan off the very rare booklet: "An Impolite
Interview Interview with Albert Ellis" which expands the material
from Realist #16 into a full 32 page document, and was only
distributed via mail order. Also includes Alan Watts and Lenny Bruce
pages, and a surprising list of upcoming Realist interviews. Some of
these interviews happened, some did not. The list is interesting."

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