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Monday, April 22, 2024

True Clown Stories succeeds with Kickstarter

 The Kickstarter for the Peakrill Press publication of  True Clown Stories, featuring James Burt and other writers, has succeeded, raising £972 versus a goal of £900. I publicized the launch of the campaign in March. 

I participated in the campaign with a small pledge, so I'll be getting a digital copy of the book (estimated delivery June) while others will be getting a variety of prizes, including a physical copy of the book (estimated delivery July). 

It's interesting to click on Community, and see who backed Peakrill Press publisher Dan Sumption. While most of the backers, 41, came from the United Kingdom, there were nine from the United States, and one apiece from Australia, Finland, Guatemala, Malaysia, Portugal and Switzerland.

Burt and Sumption collaborated on the Mycelium Parish News  You can sign up to get very short stories by email from Mr. Burt.   

I enjoyed one of the recent stories, "Lovecraft in Brighton."  I had never heard of Ann Quin, referenced in the story, but she was a real writer, formerly more prominent. 

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