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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Notes on the website: New link, comments policy

1. I have added what I hope will be a useful link to the "Robert Anton Wilson Resources" links collection at the right side of this page (scroll down a bit).

I have tried to put the most important links at the top. The topmost link is the official Robert Anton Wilson page, which seems appropriate. The second link is, the absolutely invaluable collection of RAW articles, interviews and other material, at the site founded by Mike Gathers.

Now listed third is a new link, "English archives, RAW Fans Germania," a collection of pieces discovered and published by Martin Wagner. There is little, if any overlap, between the two archive sites, so if you are looking for something you should check both sites.

I have deleted a couple of dead links for Robert Anton Wilson Resources, although probably I should prune a little more.

2. Also, as long as I'm talking about his blog, I should say something about comments moderation. 

I would prefer not to moderate the comments, but Google (the company that provides Blogger, the blogging platform I use) is apparently not very good at screening out spam from the comments. Several  years ago, I reluctantly began moderating all the comments as my site became more popular and I began attracting lots of spam in the comments. I didn't want readers to have to wade through junk to have to read legitimate comments, and I also wasn't thrilled about some of the stuff I was inadvertently hosting.

So I went to comment moderation, meaning that I have to approve any comment before it posts.

I try quite hard to check for comments every few hours, and for example I check for comments to approve when I get up in the morning, but there can be times when life happens. I got an angry email a few months ago when I was busy trying to help my 90-year-old mother fly to Ohio for a family funeral. A comment had been posted the day before, and I still had not approved it. The pressure of the funeral and helping my mother had taken me away from my usual tasks. I immediately approved the comment and explained that situation.

I routinely check for comments several times a day, and comments usually get approved within a reasonable time, but sometimes Life Happens. If I don't approve a comment promptly, please be patient and do not take  it personally. 

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Eric Wagner said...

Thank you for your hard work. I love this blog.