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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

RAW's Yellow Springs arrest made national news


My favorite underrated RAW book, Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth,  describes how RAW got himself arrested by participating in a demonstration against a barber shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which refused to serve Black people.

The above clipping,which Jesse Walker shared with me, is an AP wire story which Jesse found in an Indiana newspaper. So presumably it was published in other newspapers. "Those arrested were identified as Ken Huber, Dan Beverly, Robert Anton Wilson, Otha Nixon and Roland Smith, all Yellow Springs residents." The other details in the story match what RAW says in the book, at least as far as I can remember. 

The clipping is dated Sunday, July 28, 1963, so the "Saturday" arrests described in the article apparently are the day before. 

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Prop Anon said...

What a find!!!!
Amazing Work
Props to Jesse Walker for finding this