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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Robert Anton Wilson on AI and automation

As we discuss "I Opening" in the Natural Law reading group, a precursor to the Schrödinger's Cat trilogy, a blog posting by Bunnyworks Studio notes that many of the current issues raised by AI are anticipated in the trilogy:

"Having your human workforce replaced by machine labor should be a reason to rejoice. You don't have to work anymore and can dedicate your valuable time to more fulfilling activities like games, literature and art. Of course, this is not the actual case in the world today, nor was it during most of humanity. The flaw is the fact the people whose workforce is replaced don't receive any form of compensation or share of the profit, which is either as high as it was before or even increases due to the introduction of new technology.

"One of the most interesting ideas/visions of a non-dystopian future adressing this very issue I once found in a trilogy of books by American author and Discordian Robert Anton Wilson (1932 - 2007), called the "Schrödinger's Cat" trilogy."

Hat tip, Nick Helweg-Larsen. 

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