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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Hilaritas podcast features Sascha Engel

The latest Hilaritas Press podcast, released today, is an interview with Sascha Engel. The blurb says simply, "In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with Sascha Engel about the themes of his book, Breaking the Alphabet and the tyranny of the written word." Engel has an official website, which offers this: "Sascha's an author of anti-civilizational prose and poetry and founder of the now-defunct Ireland-based journal Strukturriss. After pursuing an M.A. in Political Theory and a PhD in Political Economy, Sascha's interest in things other than economics was awakened by the chance find of an 'ancient technology' section in a bookstore in Corvallis, Oregon, and he's never looked back since. Find him experimenting with ancient lettering systems pre-dating the Latin alphabet, or just wandering about in County Cork, Ireland."

The official website for the episode has useful links and suggestions on where to find the podcast 

As I noted earlier, the podcast for Feb. 23 was supposed to be an interview with John Zerzan, but the episode was canceled and replaced. 

The podcast host, Mike Gathers, recently issued "Men's Work," another episode of his Intelligence Increase newsletter on Substack. 

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