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Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Hilaritas podcast on Kropotkin


I finally got around to listening to last month's Hilaritas podcast, in which Mike Gathers interviews anarchist writer and activist Wayne Price about Peter Kropotkin, the prominent Russian anarchist. I've posted the YouTube version above for your convenience, but the official website has useful links and offers suggestions on where to get the podcast. 

The podcast, about an hour long, features Price explaining Kropotkin's ideas and discussing anarchism in general. As Mike explains, Kropotkin's article about anarchism for Encyclopedia Brittanica is credited with sparking RAW's interest in anarchism. 

There's no discussion in the podcast about RAW's views on anarchism or about Illuminatus! coauthor Robert Shea, who published an anarchist zine, No Governor. 

This month's podcast, scheduled for release on Feb. 23, will continue the discussion of anarchist ideas by featuring an interview with John Zerzan. 

I've listened to all of the Hilaritas podcasts, but if you are new to them,  you can look at the podcast page and get started by finding one that has a topic of interest to you. 

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