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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Tuesday links

I follow a Roman Britain Twitter account, and some of the photos seem so magical to me. "Back to Portchester Castle this weekend, The Norman keep always gets everyones attention - but the real story here is the best preserved circuit of Roman walls in the country: the fort of Portus Adurni." Source. 

A toast to Antero Alli from Prop Anon. 

Interview with R.U. Sirius. 

 What a coincidence. 

The attacks on trans people.  

I've read all of them. 

1 comment:

Spookah said...

Aren't all these 10 books classics of English language literature?
I have read most of them as well, and I did not even grow up in an English speaking country.
Why are they banned? I can understand banning, say, Mein Kampf, although I do not necessarily agree, but Animal Farm or Slaughterhouse Five?
I feel like I should be angry, but honestly I'm just baffled.