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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Bonus 'TSOG' episode of Hilaritas podcast features Bobby Campbell

In advance of the regularly scheduled podcast that will likely be released on Feb. 23, Hilaritas Press has released a bonus episode of the Hilaritas podcast to promote the release of the new Hilaritas Press edition of TSOG:  The Thing that Ate the Constitution and other everyday monsters. Mike Gathers interviews Bobby Campbell, who wrote one of the supplemental pieces included in the new edition. The website for the podcast includes the usual show notes, including a link to my blog post about criticism of the title (and see the comments), so the podcast should be interesting.


michael said...

I go over the basic history of Email To The Universe in my intro to the Hilaritas edition. There were more people involved in finding those fugitive texts than just me, Gathers, and Wagner. Dan Clore, Ted Hand, and Jesse Walker also aided in finding pieces. I recall Mike Gathers and I scouring eBay looking for RAW articles in little mags.

The "German guy" was named Marc Lutter: the guy who wrote the FUQ/FAQ. AFAIK, he became some sort of academic sociological systems theorist. Dude was bright.

Marc Lutter sent me enlarged photos of trippy-AF German versions of RAW's books and when Gathers visited me in Berkeley around 2010, I gave them to him.

Chad said...

I really enjoyed this one. Nice work Mike & Bob. Great insight on Guns 'N Dope Party & "thinking for yourself..."

I wish my cats would sleep as close to me as Bob appears to be able to get his to!

quackenbush said...

Bobby seems so sharp, clear, lucid, articulate. And like so many of my podcasts, I feel like my brain is stuck in molasses.

Oz Fritz said...

It was a great conversation. I didn't know RAW ever had a positive take on Ayn Rand.