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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday links

October 2016 Eris of the Month.

Latest claim of alien signals probably not credible.  Via The Daily Grail on Twitter. 

Speaking of extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence, the alleged chaos magic roots of the alt right. Via Jesse Walker, who was surprised to find himself quoted.

"Countries bombed: Obama 7, Bush 4."

R.U. Sirius music compilation. Almost certainly worth a listen. I will check it out.

New libertarian group, The Libertarian Institute. I have not had time to explore the site, but it has good antiwar credentials.  Says Scott Horton:

"Our goal is to unite the libertarian movement and more importantly to realign American politics around our agenda — prioritizing opposition to the worst of state power: the permanent war state, the prison and police states, and the corporate welfare, corrupt contracts, and bank bailouts that rig the economy for the wealthy and politically connected.

"The Libertarian Institute’s mission is to stress these issues and work with other groups from across the political spectrum against these greatest of abuses."


Oz Fritz said...

The chaos magic/alt right article reads like a huge put on.

Bobby Campbell said...

Over the last year I've periodically stared into the void of alt-right comment sections, trying to understand the maelstrom, and while I doubt they studied traditional chaos magic, I do think they have independently arrived at basically the same technique. "Meme Magic is real" they say over and over and over again. Along with all the other things they say over and over and over again.