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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

I've been reading through the novels on the Prometheus Award ballot, and one of them is good enough I wanted to let you know about it; somebunall of you RAW fans must share RAW's concerns about the the  national security state.

Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez is set in the present or near future. A series of terrorist attacks have taken place on U.S. soil,  blowing up computer scientists, a human rights activist, and others. These are passed off by the  government as bombings, but the truth is scarier: They are drone attacks. Eventually it is revealed that secret elements of the U.S. government are behind the attacks, and that those elements seek to unleash drones that aren't controlled remotely but are programmed to make kill decisions on their own. The technology obviously is about to spread to other countries, too. Suarez obviously is concerned about our endless wars foreign policy and the dangers of an out of control national security state. His book works as a fast-moving, well done thriller, but it is also quite disturbing.

On a related note,  can any of you point to anyplace where RAW wrote at length about the National Security Act of 1947?


michael said...

After sifting for 45 minutes I found nothing that could be remotely considered "at length" by Wilson and the Ntl Security Act of 1947...but that does not mean it ain't "out there."

And besides, my notes are scattered.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thanks for looking! I see lots of references here and there, but I couldn't find any essays, either. Maybe there's something buried in "The Realist" somewhere.