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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Robert Anton Wilson in Spin magazine

Here is another cool find: An article by Robert Anton Wilson, "Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven," about the P2 gang in Italy and its connections to the CIA, published in Spin magazine in July 1989.  You can read it here. My thanks to Jesse Walker for uncovering it and sharing it with me.

Spin's editors unfortunately missed some mistakes -- it's Carl Oglesby not "Carl Ogelsby," and the National Security Act was passed in 1947, not 1948. Still, many of the facts in the article appear to be accurate, and it's fascinating. (I looked up some of the characters mentioned in RAW's article on Wikipedia. "Colorful" is not a sufficient description. Apparently it is impossible to make an assertion about Italian politics that is too wild to be believable.)

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