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Saturday, April 13, 2013

G. Spencer-Brown's 'Laws of Form'

A post by Bogus Magus at the Maybe Logic blog notes that G. Spencer-Brown, author of The Laws of Form, has turned 90.  The post reminds us that Robert Anton Wilson's Schroedinger's Cat trilogy frequently quotes Brown's book.

The Laws of Form  is philosophy and mathematics, but is it alchemy? A paper, "An Esoteric Guide to Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form," asserts that, "the work can also be read with an esotericeye, which is to say, with a sensitivity to the form and nature of spiritual experiences." He adds, "What I would like to do in this commentary is show that within the LoF are a number of coherentrelations to principles that are rightly considered esoteric: they are hidden, but very important whenconsidering actual spiritual development. Of course as a whole LoF can be taken as a cosmologicaltreatise, and in this sense could be read alongside works such as those by Ibn Arabi, Nagarjuna, LaoTzu, or Eckhart, among many others." The paper is here, and I thank Arthur Hlavaty for pointing it out to me.


fyreflye said...

I first heard of this book in, believe it or don't, The Whole Earth Catalogue. Here are a couple of other useful sites:

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Gaia1956 said...

Mike Green said...

Just to let you know that G Spencer-Brown passed away 25th August 2016 (aged 93) and was buried 29th September at Brookwood Cemetery, UK.
"This mortal frame I leave, And in the wind my light I throw, And my last wisdom give" GSB 'the gift'
I had the honour and privilege of reading the Heart Sutra at the non-denominational service ("Form is emptiness and emptiness is form ... "
Kind Regards,
Mike Green

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