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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A few links

PQ on "The Boston Mess and Finnegans Wake." Roman Tsivkin comments, "For Wake mystics like myself & @PQuadrino, Finnegans Wake 'predicts' many things, including the recent "boastonmess":

Twitter observation from Kevin Carson: "Anyone who thinks Miranda rights are something read to 'killers' because they 'deserve  it' is a fucking asshole. Miranda rights are read to the ACCUSED because we don't trust the government to say who's guilty and who's not." Carson is very active on Twitter.

Tweet from Justin Amash, the  "new Ron Paul."

News about the KLF paperback by John Higgs. But no announcement for publication in the U.S., at least not yet.

Gene Healy on the minimalist president, Calvin Coolidge. (Healy complains that the Amity Shlaes book was too long; I was more bothered by her writing style, which often included abrupt changes of topic in mid-paragraph. But like Healy, I was glad I read the book.)

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