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Monday, January 21, 2013

Michael Johnson on Kerry Thornley

I thought I had a fair idea of what the Kerry Thornley story was about, until I read Michael Johnson's article. I hadn't even heard of the Gorightly book, which I'll now have to read.

Here is a good sentence from Michael's piece: "If this material is new to you and it seems like I'm making it up...I often feel like I'm making it up, but it's true."

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Burnt Corky said...

I think every day, "What if we could have gotten these incredible artists (RAW, Leary, &tc.) off of the pharmaceuticals and Industrial/Polymer Age devices?"

What could they have done if they would have had the chance within their lifetimes to evolve out of the confines of this very hindering era, and they could have delved into the now-growing world of ReWilding, back-to-nature, Elemental-based, and right-left-brain balance and heart-based cognition philosophies and communities and endeavors.

They also wouldn't have had to succumb to the degenerative diseases that they ultimately did. They were *so* close to it, especially RAW