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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lots of links

Promiscuous Neurotheologist, Vol. 5 (or so) by Michael Johnson.

I like Oz Fritz's description, in the comments, of what many of us are interested in: "the gnostic approach to agnosticism. Experience = gnosis."

Michael Kinsley on publishing a magazine before the Internet age.

How manuscripts were sent from New York City to Washington, D.C.: "If a piece was too long to be dictated by phone, we would order the author to LaGuardia looking, like Diogenes, for an honest man or woman in the Eastern Shuttle boarding area. The author would beg this person to take our precious cargo of words to National Airport (not yet Reagan National) where someone from The New Republic would try to spot him or her and retrieve the manuscript."

Ode to Joy on broken crockery. (Hat tip, Ted Gioia and Roman Tsivkin.)

Great American Novelist tournament. (H/t Roman again.)

Aaron Swartz prosecution actually looking even worse. (Hat tip, Supergee.) Also, see this excellent Harvey Silvergate piece.

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