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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Books Update

(1) I enjoy reading other people's book lists, so I liked Rob Pugh's list.

He highlights three books at the end of his list. I plan to read one of them, You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos by Robert Arthur. And I really enjoyed American Gods by Neil Gaiman when I read it several years ago.

(2) When I asked a couple of postings ago if anyone had read any of Graham Carroll's books, I got an email from Nathaniel Foltz from Kent, Ohio, who liked both of them. He writes:

"The Illuminati Kid is about a guy named Bomber Harris who kidnaps a person named Ballard and has him tape record the story of the Illuminati Kid who was Bomber's friend. Bomber tells Ballard how the world is controlled by the Illuminati and reptilians. He also goes into many spiritual concepts and consciousness. Bomber only kidnapped Ballard to show him how naive he is and change his perspective.

"The book contains a lot of cursing, which I didn't mind, and there are a lot of humorous moments throughout the book. I have read several conspiracy books and it was great to read a fiction book that contains the truth in it. I thought the book was amazing and revolutionizes the field of conspiracy.

"Illuminati Rock God is about a band named Setopia who basically sells their souls to the Illuminati for fame and fortune. The lead band member Alec Grant wants out but the others are enjoying it. Alec finds out that he is in too deep and runs off to the forest where he lives with a survivalist. Once again another amazing book that has truth beneath the surface of a well written story.

"I highly recommend both books. They are gems that I hope more people will find and read. I can only hope more authors will take the approach that Graham Carroll has taken on conspiracies. I am looking forward to more books by him."

1 comment:

Rob Pugh said...

Hey, thanks! Arthur's "You Will Die" is really worth a read, imho. I think you'll dig it. And Happy New Year!