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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zen haiku from Wales

Via Roman Tsivkin, I recently discovered a Twitter account I like very much: Pip Williams' Twitter account, which mostly sends out new haiku. Lots of evocations of the Welsh countryside, quite a bit of Zen, a little bit of many other topics. Some of my favorites so far:

across the valley
orange streetlights echo the
ancient glow of stars

at my support group
for eremophobia
no one else showed up

washing the dishes
other lights, other kitchens
other peoples' lives

the master who makes
the grass green seems vague about
lots of other stuff

said hui-neng, sixth patriarch
not one thing exists

the blue sky, the sun
usher in spring's bright riot
a gateless gate

in buddha's footsteps
i will walk, a cat, stalking
i accept my doom

1 comment:

Steph said...

Beautiful. I'm a big fan and a Twitter friend of Pip's. I love her. So nice of you to put this up here. She deserves the attention!