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Monday, April 16, 2012

Joyce manuscripts becoming available online

A major collection of James Joyce manuscripts are being published online for free. The move comes as a response to a Joyce scholar who apparently was trying to make them selectively available in expensive volumes. reports, "The director of the National Library, Fiona Ross, said yesterday that plans to put the manuscripts online had been under way for some time.

"The collection includes notes and early drafts of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, as well as earlier notes by Joyce from between 1903 and 1928. Two of the notebooks include the earliest surviving sets of notes, and there are drafts of nine separate episodes of Ulysses. The handwriting in the manuscripts matches Joyce’s known handwriting from the different periods in his life and includes his use of coloured crayon lines and Xs through certain writing."

More here. Ulysses materials available so far are here. 

Hat tip: John Merritt (@17Beowulf on Twitter).

Bonus: Brief video clip of James Joyce in Paris. Thanks, Roman Tsivkin! (@zenjew on Twitter).

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